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Knauf Standard Partition Wall System

Knauf Standard Partition Wall System is formed by fixing Knauf Gypsum board of single-layer or multi-layer on single-layer stud frame, which can provide the most concise and economic space dividing solution.
Applicable scope:
It is applicable for various commercial and residential buildings.

  • To meet different performance requirements through selecting different layers and Gypsum boards of various types.
  • Non-ancillaries system, the minimum components required, featured with simple and rapid installation.
  • Convenient installation for wall pipelines.
  • Dry construction, easy and convenient installation and requires low labor intensity, which effectively shortens the construction period.

The Knauf range of drywall partitions is the result of decades of experience in developing, testing and supporting warranted systems that meet the needs of the modern building.
Quickly and simply constructed from high quality, Knauf components, our partitions are guaranteed to perform.  You can specify Knauf partitions safe in the knowledge that these components have been comprehensively tested together to ensure performance, and that our support extends from concept to site.

Double Wall

Partitions systems, double stud

Double layer Two metal studs

  • Decoupled by insulation strip
  • Sound protection RW,R = ~59dB
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes
  • Static wall heights

Double-Double Wall

Installation walls, double stud

Double layer Two metal studs

  • Reinforces by Board strips
  • Sound protection RW,R = 52 dB
  • Fire rating up to 120 min.
  • Static wall heights

Single Wall

Partitions systems, single stud

Single Layer

  • Sound protection proof   RW, R=~49dB
  • Static wall heights

Double layer

  • Sound protection RW, R=~54dB
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes
  • Static wall heights

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