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لوازم جانبی فلزی کناف


Metal Accessories

Knauf Nonius Hanger Top
Part of the nonius hanger system which is fixed to the structural slab.
Nonius Stirrup
Bottom part of the nonius hanger system which is attached to the CD channels.
Nonius Pin
Middle part of the nonius system which is used to attached the nonius hanger top to nonius stirrup.
Universal Bracket for CD 60 / 27
Supplied flat, the Knauf Universal Bracket locates Knauf CD channels to the background support. Note that sizes above 120 mm cannot be used with Knauf W623 system.
Ankerfix Rapid Hanger for CD 60 / 27
Anker type suspender for attaching hanger wires to upper / main Knauf CD 60/ 27 mm channels.
Hanger Wire
Galvanized 4mm thick steel wires used as suspenders for D11 Ceiling Systems.
Universal Channel Connector
Galvanized accessories to connect CD channels at intersection points in the Knauf D113 System grid.

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