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Metal Profiles

Knauf metal profiles are precision-engineered, high-quality steel sections that are used to form the metal substructure of the Knauf Drywall Systems. All metal sections produced from high-grade hot dip galvanized steel coils with the cold rolled forming process in Knauf R.A.K. FZE factory located in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

The main design criteria’s for Knauf metal sections are:

Quality: Knauf only works with ISO 9001 certified raw material suppliers to guarantee its steel quality. High grade hot dip galvanized zinc coating (min. Z140 class) provides maximum protection against corrosion.

Rigidity: Knauf profiles produced from sturdy 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel can meet the statical requirement of the most demanding projects.

Simplicity: Minimum amount of accessories and ‘twist to fit’ studs and channels are designed to make the installer’s job as simple as possible.

Compatibility: Knauf metal sections are specially designed to work and perform together with Knauf gypsum boards and accessories to create complete, tested and certified systems.

Variety: A wide range of sizes and options allows designers to find solutions that exactly match their requirements.


Knauf J Track
J shaped channels used to form the perimeter frame

Knauf C-T Studs
C-T shaped heavy duty steel sections used to form the vertical frame.


Knauf CW Studs.
C shaped profiles friction fit at equal distances into the head and base UW channels to form the vertical metal stud frame.

Knauf UW Tracks
U-shaped profiles used for forming the floor and ceiling perimeter frame in drywall partitions.

Knauf Deep Flange UW Tracks
U - Shaped profiles used to ceiling perimeter form where high deflection tolerance is required.

Knauf CD 60 / 27 Channels
C-shaped channels used for vertical framing in Knauf W623 Wall Lining Systems.

Knauf UD 28/27 Channels
U-Shaped channels used for perimeter framing for Knauf W623 wall lining systems

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